The World Reimagined

I am one of the artists taking part in this amazing project. Taking place across many UK cities, my painted globe sculpture will be part of the Leeds trail.


Launching on 13th August 2022 until 31st October 2022


Find out more about the trails at The World Reimagined

The World Reimagined Globes will be part of trails going on across many host cities across the UK. The globe I painted titled 'Stitching and Mending' will be at location 10 in Leeds city centre.


My design aims to highlight the extraordinary patterns and needlework skills of African American quilts. These quilts undoubtedly tell human stories, some not easy to tell, but each deserving a platform. 


Choosing no single unifying style, I celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of each quilt maker. Finding the deeper meanings for consideration within the visual patterns.

Photo BBC News @asherjael

Images copyrightTWR