Looking after the ocean

No to over production


No to unsustainable products


No pointless packaging


Yes to absolutely unique designs that highlight important environmental issues


Yes to caring about the seas and oceans

Farmed Aquatic Food for all Tastes


"The journey of twelve Mediterranean and Black Sea species from farms to your plates"


This is a new and important book I have illustrated, working with FAO and Institut Paul Bocuse, you can download it here now

Images copyright FAO

The World Reimagined


I am honoured to be one of the artists taking part in this amazing project.


Hand painted globes have been displayed across many UK cities, my sculpture was part of the Leeds trail, then exhibited in Trafalgar square and is now out to see again as part of a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.


You can see the globes for free through the summer 2023



Find out more about the trails at The World Reimagined

Images copyrightTWR 


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The Magic of Tinned Fish

Chef Chris McDade of Popina, 127 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

has created this utterly brilliant #TheMagicofTinnedFish cookbook.


It's packed full of anchovy, sardine, mackerel, crab and

many other sustainable fish and shellfish recipes.


I'm beyond excited to now be able to share all my illustrations throughout the book. 


Out now at all good bookstores some of which are listed here

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