I'm a British artist-designer working from my studio on the Northumberland UK coastline. I paint mainly in watercolours, selling only my original artworks that show my love of the sea.

I have a degree and working background in fashion and textile design so I approach each painting with a design aspect. Always working to capture the aesthetics of the shoreline and my love of all things nautical. Searching for natural patterns, painting as much as possible from life, I use composition and the paint itself to design each painting.

My work has a modern, clean and uncomplicated style with a strong emphasis on illustration. I'm always looking for new ways to explore my favourite theme and develop my techniques to evolve my ideas. I work on a huge variety of projects and commissions and exhibit in various galleries, check my ‘news’ for what I’m currently working on.


As my work will show you, I have an absolute obsession with the colour blue and all it's fabulous range of shades. This predominantly limited blue palette helps give each paintings an even stronger nautical theme and makes them more distinguishably an ‘Ali Elly Design’.