Farmed aquatic food for all tastes

I have illustrated a new publication 2023 titled "Farmed aquatic food for all tastes" by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, which is now available to download here 

"Few foods are as central to Mediterranean and Black Sea culture as aquatic foods. They inspire culinary traditions, provide livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of people and offer a healthy source of protein. A large portion of these foods – almost 3 million tonnes annually, in fact – originate from aquaculture farms. The sector is also an important source of jobs, a key pillar of coastal and rural communities and a means to increase aquatic food production without exceeding the natural productivity of wild fish stocks. However, the benefits of the aquaculture sector are not well known to many in the region. This publication presents a journey through the Mediterranean and Black Sea aquaculture sector, highlighting its benefits and debunking myths, and showcases culinary traditions and recipes, detailing how to best enhance the culinary value of the region’s farmed species. Each chapter pairs the story of a successful, pioneering producer making waves in the region with an enticing recipe prepared by the chefs of the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre. Join and follow twelve species, each chosen for their importance and potential in the region, on the path from their farm to your plate."


Images copyright FAO